If you have been searching for a Miniature Schnauzer you have found that there are all
sizes, shapes, colors and prices from which to make a choice. This is also what we found
when we decided that the MS was the breed for us. How does one know what to do? You
don’t want a “show dog” but where can you find a good quality pet?  How do you know if
your miniature schnauzer will grow into a specimen that is a good representative of the
AKC breed standard? How do you know if the pup you choose will live a long, healthy life?
Where do you start?  Knowledge is a powerful tool in decision making and below is
information that you can ponder and think about as you approach adding a new household

The Miniature Schnauzer is a wonderful breed that has been developed over generations
of dedication and hard work by breeders who care deeply for the future of the breed. Start
here. Locate a breeder who has a vested interest in the breed and not in just making
money selling pups. Find a breeder that cares about their dogs and has a sense of
responsibility for the puppies that they are bringing into this world. Find a breeder that is
knowledgeable about the breed and can answer breed specific questions.  

The Miniature Schnauzer is an absolute dandy. The happy, healthy pups at Hauser von
Schnauzer come from exceptional quality, champion lines. We are devoted to these small,
precious puppies. They get the very best of personal care and veterinary care during their
first few weeks of life as well as excellent prenatal care for the mommas. We love our dogs
very much and do all we can to make their lives as rich as they make ours.  All our dogs eat
Eukanuba premium dog food, receive monthly heartworm medication and flea treatment,
and one thing that is most important for all my dogs and puppies is Nu Vet Plus Vitamin.
This vitamin insures a strong immune system to maintain overall good health. My dogs
receive a  NuVet Plus daily.  Hauser von Schnauzer offers an extended guarantee to
everyone that keeps their new pup on NuVet Plus. Please visit the NuVet site for more
information on these superior health products and the advantages for your new puppy.

We are committed to placing our babies in loving, caring homes and are so confident of the
health and quality that we will gladly take a pup back if you are not completely satisfied or if
your circumstances change and you are no longer able to provide that loving home. We are
happy to provide veterinarian references as well as references from others who have given
our babies a loving home. Our reputation and health guarantee go with each and every pup
we sell.

At Hauser von Schnauzer we have strived to obtain and maintain breed lines that are
healthy and long lived. We have successfully added AKC Champion sired Miniature
Schnauzers to our household. We adhere to the AKC Miniature Schnauzer Breed Standard
for the allowed colors of black, black and silver, and salt and pepper as well as the
recognized size range. We have recently begun to show our beautiful Miniature Schnauzer,
Von Ruhr's A Kiss of Blythewood, in AKC dog shows. This is our first endeavor with the
Miniature Schnauzer in the show ring even though we have a considerable show
background, having finished several AKC champions in another breed. We realize the
importance of the AKC championship line in providing quality show animals as well as
healthy family pets. The inclusion of AKC championship lineage in your pet choice is
important due to health issues. Years of experience have shown that dogs from lines with
extensive AKC champions are likely to be healthier due to the breeder dedication to
maintain a strong, healthy pedigree. Secondly, you want a Miniature Schnauzer that looks
like a Miniature Schnauzer and this will be more likely in lines that are strong on breed
type. We are extremely proud of the AKC championship bloodlines we have been able to
secure from some of the top breeding lines in the country and are pleased to occasionally
offer these Miniature Schnauzer puppies to loving homes.

Our position is not to degrade what other breeders are doing, but to offer information to
prospective puppy buyers that will allow them to choose a Miniature Schnauzer that will be
a wonderful, healthy family member for many years.  Purchasing from an experienced,
reputable Miniature Schnauzer breeder will insure this.

When it comes to finding the ideal dog, you need to look no further than the Miniature
Schnauzer. One look in their sweet, intelligent eyes and you’ll immediately see why
Miniature Schnauzers are one of the most popular breeds in the U.S. today.

A purchase of a Miniature Schnauzer will be the purchase of a devoted companion for life.
Health and Happiness
Cleaning Your Dog's Ears
One of the most common sources for dog health problems is their ears. Let’s face it… they are moist, warm, dark
places, especially in floppy-eared breeds, so they are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, yeast, and little
parasites called ear mites. Paying attention to your dogs ears and keeping them healthy can save you and your
dog trouble and suffering down the road.

Before talking about cleaning, let’s start with inspecting the ear. Take a good look at the inside of the outer ear
(basically, the visible part). A healthy dog ear should be light pink, clean, and have no dominant foul odor. Granted,
dogs may still smell doggy, even at the peak of health, but an ear infection typically will have a very foul smell. Best
bet… sniff your dog’s ears regularly! He may give you a funny look at first, but he’ll get used to it. After a visit to the
vet where his ears have been given the OK, smell his ears and get an idea of what “normal” smells like. Then, you
will be more prepared to recognize any abnormal smells should they arise.

Also, when inspecting, look for abnormal amounts of dark wax buildup. Tiny amounts of dirt or wax are not
necessarily indicative of a problem, but wax buildup is often a sign of ear mites, so keep an eye out for any
changes in wax production, especially combined with signs of discomfort or scratching of the ear.

Lastly, and especially if your dog has been scratching his ears, check both the inside and outside surfaces of the
ear for nicks, cuts, scabs, etc. Excessive scratching may indicate infection or mites, and it also can produce skin
abrasions that could themselves become infected, or develop a hematoma.

If any of the above signs lead you to suspect infection (yeast or bacterial), or ear mites, your best course of action
is a trip to the vet. Your dogs ears are the window to his critical sense of hearing; plus, when they’re uncomfortable,
they’re VERY uncomfortable, so let your vet diagnose the problem, prescribe the proper treatment, and get things
back on track.

Assuming there are no signs of infection or mites, you can perform a routine ear cleaning. If your dog has never
had any ear problems, many vets will recommend cleaning only the visible surface on the inside of the ear flap,
removing dirt and wax. You can do this with a cotton ball or soft cloth moistened in a cleaning solution. At your next
vet visit, ask your vet to recommend an ear cleaning solution… different breeds have different ears, and you vet will
have the experience to recommend the best solution for your dog. Remember, no cotton swabs in the ear canal!
Clean only what you can reach with a cloth.

Additionally, ask your vet about cleaning deeper into the ear. Many solutions are made to be gently squirted or
dropped with a dropper into the ear canal (after which your dog will shake it out all over you!), but a common school
of thought is “if your dog has no history of any ear issues, squirting a cleaner down his ear canal could actually
cause problems.” Again, your vet has the experience with your breed, and even the weather conditions in your
area, to give the best advice on that. If you do clean the canal, though, make sure to clean the outer area afterward
to remove any debris shook loose, and then give your dog’s ears time to dry thoroughly. For very long-eared dogs,
you may be able to pin the ears together over the head for a while. No guarantee your dog will think this is as funny
as you do, but it does help the canal dry and prevent the very infections you are trying to avoid.